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Art Exhibition Galerie Vivi

New expo from my photo art, project: Body Light photography
at Galerie Vivi, Hoogbrugstraat 36, Maastricht, Netherlands.
With art work from Jozef Schuijren, Arjen van Prooijen and Vivianne Schuijren
Free entree, open for public start date: october the 2nd 2020 till feb 2021
Open doors: friday, saterday & sunday from 13:00 hour till 17:00 hour

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Design your own reality
In everything you do in life,
believe in thinking differently

Believe in the power to create your own reality
and be surprised by the possibilities that life offers you

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder
So my reality is focus on beauty.
I capture it with my camera to share it with you

Express with love, honour and respect
and let me show you beauty of life how I see it

Welcome to Schuijren Design
- Step into your reality -